About AeroNautiConsult



AeroNautiConsult was established as a Personal Enterprise in April 2002.

The business idea was based on the fact that operators in the aviation community occasionally require additional resources. This may be in projects where the duration of the resource requirement does not justify employment of personnel.


The Customers in focus is Operators, Lessors, Maintenance Providers or Authorities. A consistent flow of assignments confirmed that there was indeed a requirement for such services. The dominating type of services provided was technical/administrative support to operators in fleet adjustment processes.


The core of the activities was phase in inspection, organisation, preparation and presentation of Aircraft and its documentation to Authorities for the purpose of obtaining Certificate of Airworthiness.



AeroNautiConsult was reorganised as a Limited Corporation (A/S) in February 2006. AeroNautiConsult AS is 100% owned by AeroNautiHolding AS, which in turn is owned 100% by Řystein Hobbelstad.


The aviation marketplace has responded with a consistent increase in demand for independent aviation technical consultancy services. The independency and flexibility of AeroNautiConsult is a key benefit to our Customers. We strive to be there when the Customer needs us, and are equally focused on effeciently concluding any assignment to the satisfaction of the Customer. We aim to be "easy to get in - even easier to get out".


AeroNautiConsult is now consolidating and confirming its position as a reliable, quality-consius and flexible provider of services in it's segment.




AeroNautiConsult is now in the process of preparing required documents to obtain approval as an independant (Not associated with an Air Operator Certification) EASA Part M, Subpart G organisation, with privileges to carry out Subpart I (Airworthiness Review) activities and Recommendation to Issue Airworthiness Review Certificate.


The initial entry into this area is by acting as the Customer's Airworthiness Review Staff (ARS), and the response from a significant number of operators proves that these services are indeed required. The situation is based on both the capacity with the Authority as well as the structure and resource availability in small and medium sized Operator / Part M Organisations.


A long term objective is to establish a larger selection of services offered, such as Part M, Subpart G tasks. By consistently providing services in compliance with -or exceeding Customer expectations, we shall grow in a controlled manner and place ourselves among the preferred service providers to the Aviation Community


We look forward to discuss your needs for Aviation Technical and Operational consultancy services.